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Explanation of the configuration of a capacitive and resistive touch all-in-one machine

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With the continuous development of touch screen technology, the technology is getting better and better, and its application in industry is also increasing. Secondly, industrial control integrated machines equipped with touch screens have a more fashionable appearance design. In addition, the operation is also very simple, and the performance stability is also very good. So, many people will ask, how to determine the price of touch industrial control integrated machines? How to know if the touch industrial control all-in-one machine you bought is expensive? Let's take a look at the factors that determine the price of touch industrial control all-in-one machines.

If you touch the price of the industrial control all-in-one computer itself, it depends on the difference in device size and computer host configuration. Generally, the larger the size, the better the configuration, and the higher the price. However, some brand products with the same size configuration but significantly lower prices in the market mostly have quality issues. They are not using refurbished second-hand screens to impersonate brand new LCD screens, or deceiving consumers with so-called cheap and high-end configurations. The price of touch industrial control all-in-one machines is also a concern for everyone.

Although there are many factors that affect the price, the key factors that affect the quotation of touch industrial control all-in-one machines can be divided into four points: display screen, screen size, system configuration, and touch screen.

1、 Display brand and type

At present, there are many types and brands of displays on the market, among which LED and LCD displays are more commonly used. These two display screens also have different prices, so choosing a different type and brand of display screen will result in different prices for touch screen all-in-one machines.

2、 Screen size

At present, touch screen all-in-one products on the market use LCD screens. Regardless of the type of LCD screen, its price is determined by its size. The larger the size, the higher the price. LCD screens of the same quality generally do not have the phenomenon of larger sizes being priced lower than smaller sizes.

3、 System configuration

Configuration is also a key factor affecting its price. The height of the configuration will directly determine the operating speed of the touch screen all-in-one machine, which will also affect the user experience. Because the higher the configuration, the higher the price of the all-in-one machine. Hardware configuration can be divided into: CPU, motherboard, memory module, hard disk, heat sink, sound system, etc., and the price depends on their configuration and quality. The price of original imported accessories is definitely higher than that of bulk ones.

4、 Touch screen

There are many types of touch screens on the current market for LCD touch screen all-in-one machines, including infrared touch screens, capacitive touch screens, resistive touch screens, and nano touch screens, etc. However, only infrared and capacitive are suitable for touch screen all-in-one machines, and capacitors are only suitable for small-sized ones, while infrared can be suitable for large-sized ones.

The price of touch industrial control all-in-one machines is mainly determined by the above four aspects. However, touch industrial control all-in-one machines generally need to be used together with software. The quality of software and the strength of functions will also have a certain impact on the price of touch industrial control all-in-one machines. Generally, standard products can meet most needs.

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