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How to choose outdoor industrial displays

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The outdoor display environment has very strict requirements for the equipment. In the computer and related equipment parts, they must be able to withstand high and low temperature changes, withstand harsh damage, and achieve the lowest maintenance cost. The display used in outdoor equipment must also be very high, and industrial grade displays must be used. For embedded displays, the quality cannot be separated from industrial grade displays.

What are the outdoor industrial displays, such as common self-service vending machines, self-service ticket machines, ATM machines, and displays used in intelligent terminal equipment? What are the characteristics of industrial displays needed for outdoor use

1. IP65 waterproof, dustproof, and shock absorber

2. High brightness and automatic photosensitivity

3. Wide temperature and pressure range

Our Hongxin Intelligent adopts an aluminum alloy shell with a pure flat panel design, and the surface has IP65 dustproof and waterproof function. It can add high brightness level automatic induction adjustment brightness and other functions according to customer needs.


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