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Top 10 Customized Industrial Tablets to Meet Customer Needs

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1: Size customization: Our industrial all-in-one machine includes: 7-8-10.1-12 12.1-15-15.6-17-17.3-19.1-21.5-22 inches, with a wide range of sizes to choose from

2: Brightness customization: Hongxin intelligent industrial all-in-one machine, standard configuration with 400 lumens brightness, can customize higher display brightness according to customer needs, up to 1500 lumens brightness, ensuring that even under scorching sun, the screen can

Old and clearly visible.

3: Customized screen brightness automatic sensitivity adjustment for industrial touch all-in-one machine: For customers with high brightness, if they have a need to use it at night, Hongxin Intelligence can customize the screen brightness automatic sensitivity adjustment function according to customer needs. In dark environments, the screen brightness automatic sensitivity adjustment brightness can be seen for more comfort by users.

4: Full waterproof customization: If customers need the entire machine to be fully waterproof for special occasions such as slaughterhouses and swimming pools, Hongxin Intelligence can customize the machine to be fully waterproof or surface waterproof according to customer needs.

5: System customization: In addition to the normal Windows system, Hongxin Intelligence provides various specifications of 7-22 inch Android industrial touch all-in-one machines

6: Customized working temperature: In addition to the normal low-temperature operation of the industrial touch all-in-one machine at -15 ° C, Hongxin Intelligent can customize a minimum low-temperature operation of -40 ° C according to customer needs.

7: Application scenario customization: Customizable in car industrial touch all-in-one machine, rack mounted industrial touch all-in-one machine.

8: Hardware Configuration Customization: The industrial touch all-in-one machine has upgraded its memory and expanded storage capacity. The CPU can be customized according to customer needs, from agile processors to Core processors.

9: Customized touch mode: Hongxin Intelligent Industrial Tablet can be selected with no touch, resistive touch, capacitive touch, and infrared touch.

10: Price customization: The hardware configuration of Hongxin Intelligent Industrial Touch Integrated Machine can be designed according to needs, saving customer costs. From the customer's budget, choose an industrial touch integrated machine that suits their needs, achieving "price customization"

11: Functional customization requirements: Hongxin Intelligent Industrial Touch Integrated Machine can customize cameras, RFID/IC card readers/ID card readers/NFC card readers/ID card readers/4G modules/fingerprint collectors/monitor motherboards/driver boards/advertising machine motherboards according to customer needs.


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